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But–The Trailers!

The Super Bowl on Feb. 11 gave us a good game, an interesting half-time show and some cute kisses between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce following the Kansas City Chiefs win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Now it’s time to talk about what really matters: movie trailers that premiered during the game.

A Quiet Place: Day One

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I’m very excited to see this franchise continue.

I enjoyed the first two films even though I am not big on horror films, but both are so much more than horror films. They’re about a family during what is basically the end of the world, and how they deal with it together.

Even though this next film is set on a bigger scale – in New York City – I hope director Michael Sarnoski manages to keep the focus on the smaller story of a family.

It opens in June.

Wicked: Part One

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As a big fan of musicals, this is a movie that I am very excited for; nervous but excited.

Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record for making musical adaptations on the big screen. A lot of them feel heartless in a way – just look at Cats, which managed to flop in 2019 despite the presence of superstar Taylor Swift – but being a fan of the musical show “Wicked” I hope that this isn’t the case.

“Wicked” is a beautiful show with amazing music featuring deeply moving lyrics and a story of the power of friendship. I have a feeling that pop star Ariana Grande who is portraying Glinda, and Broadway veteran Cynthia Erivo, who is portraying Elphaba, will do spectacular jobs in their respective roles.

With Jon M. Chu (In The Heights, Crazy Rich Asians) in the director’s chair, I have a feeling this will be a great film and an even better adaptation.

Part One debuts at Thanksgiving; Part Two follows a whole year later.

Deadpool & Wolverine

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Can the Marvel Cinematic Universe be brought back to life?

With the recent trailer for Deadpool 3, aka Deadpool & Wolverine, MCU fans are once again hopeful after a tough couple of years in the quality department in the MCU. With Hugh Jackman reprising his role as the fan-favorite Wolverine people are excited to see what is in store.

Deadpool is also making his MCU debut in this feature and, judging from the trailer, the quality of the film looks better than some previous MCU flicks.

But if I were an MCU fan, I’d hold my breath until after the debut July 26.

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