Solar & Snacks Event Satisfies Many, Even Without Totality!

Monday, April 8, 2024, marked the date of a historic solar eclipse that brought CT State Manchester outside to witness
CT State Manchester Campus students, faculty, and staff come together outside the AST Tower to view the solar eclipse on April, 8th, 2024.
CT State Manchester Campus’ students, faculty, and staff come together outside the AST Tower to view the solar eclipse on April, 8th, 2024.
Nico Arroyo
CT State Manchester’s ICE Radio managing the music arrangement for the Solar & Snacks event. (Brian Lombardo)

The day was clear, bright and warm, perfect for Solar & Snacks, planned by the CT State Manchester Student Government Association in the front of the campus to give students a space to witness the eclipse amongst their peers as well as the institution’s faculty and staff. Groups of people congregated on the campus’ front lawn with their heads turned toward the sky to catch a glimpse of this planetary happening.

Fifty pairs of solar glasses were provided by the SGA due to the dangers of viewing the solar eclipse with naked eyes. There weren’t enough for everyone, but attendees amiably shared their glasses within the duration of this cosmic occurrence as they mingled with one another.

ICE Radio was present to DJ the event, providing a relevant array of sun and moon themed songs such as ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,” by Bonnie Tyler, “Blinding Lights,” by The Weeknd, and “Starships,” by Nicki Minaj. The selection helped set a celestial tone for the afternoon.

This was a notable event for many as a solar eclipse that passes over North America is quite rare.

Although Connecticut was not in the path of totality to receive the full effect of the sky darkening to dusk during daylight hours, students maintained awe when faced with the visage of the moon even partially covering the sun.

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  • CT State Manchester student taking a picture of the solar eclipse.

  • Hand made viewing device used to project an image of the solar eclipse.

  • Student (Molly Coleman) viewing the solar eclipse through SGA issued Solar glasses.

  • A view of the solar eclipse through a solar safe camera protector.

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The Solar & Snacks event provided students with not only light refreshments but also a pleasant community atmosphere to view this unique phenomenon.

One Manchester student, Inti Scanlon, did step into the path of totality by taking a trip with his mother and daughter to Burlington, Vermont.

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  • Inti-Hiyari Scanlon, top, and his daughter Marceline, 4, despite traffic and the 6-hour drive, thought it was “a day to remember for the rest of our lives.”

  • Downtown Burlington, Vermont, welcomed visitors to town to see the eclipse with a banner.

  • The banks of Lake Champlain were an ideal viewing spot.

  • When it happened, the sky went dark, the air cooled and Marceline, 4, remarked that it was as if night had passed over “and no one went to sleep!”

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